Thursday, December 3, 2015

A little show in Gig Harbor, WA

"Gig Harbor Glow" by Andy Sewell 12x16 watercolor - Framed 16x20 - $695.00

 I have always liked this image of a view in Gig Harbor, WA. I am glad I decided to participate in their annual December "Tide Fest" it gave me a great reason to paint such a lovely scene.
See a little demo below.

and below....

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chicken Ridge - to keep the racoons out!

I think a racoon got in an took out all but one of my chickens. I needed to secure the coop better. So I thought I may as well do it in style, and I will have another example of some Iron design I can do. So I took a bit of a break from painting, my son welded the frame up and the panel in, I designed my rooster into the gate and went at it. It is in honor of probably one of my most handsome roosters but also was big and mean. So he had a battle with the crockpot and lost. here is a photo of him that inspired the gate!

Once I found the image of my rooster I liked, I took some photos of grass and designed him in the grass. I also needed to make sure that the gate had no openings big enough to let the chickens out, or the killers in. So "Chicken Ridge" was birthed! 

Here is the gate close to done. It still needs some grinding, painting and hanging. I will show you the final once in place!

So... hopefully, the chickens will be happy  and safe living in style in their little gated community!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

"The Zucchini Harvest"

Shucks, I was pretty amazed how popular this photo became on Facebook. I was simply out harvesting some of my zucchinis that got too big. (ready for some grating and bread). I went ahead and laid them out on the Lawn, and they reminded me of what the fisherman and bird hunters will do when they want to brag about their fine accomplishments. So I went ahead with a funny idea, lets pretend I am one of them. So I got my cammo jacket and gun, and had  my son take a photo. Here it is, and the rest is all over facebook. Cheers!
"Andy Sewell, and his famous Zukes. He not only grows big zukes,
but he also is a fine artist ;)  see is work at

Thursday, April 30, 2015

"The Fisherman Gate"

Proud to have my son show his handiwork in cutting out a pretty intricate design I came up with. 
The perfect gate for every fisherman.

"Caught One" Original design, hand-cut gate $695.00

A Little Capturing of North Idaho's Palouse Country!

"Palouse Evening Glow" 8x10 framed watercolor - $165.00
Always enjoy getting out into the rolling hills of North Idaho, and capturing it in a painting!
Framed Version Available.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Double Heron Gate

My son Josh and I taking a little break from painting,  recently were commissioned to design and build a metal gate. It is coming along nicely. Josh does a great job with the torch hand- cutting out my designs! The final is 6 feet wide and tall. It is a double gate with a hinge on both sides.
Hand cut original design metal gate 6' wide and tall.
Order our own custom metal art!

original design, hand-cut metal yard and garden art.
Call on us to design and create some Iron Art for you!
Gate Done and Installed!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Alphabet of birds painted"

My alphabet of birds is finally completed. I had a few more complicated birds that took a few days longer to finish. I tackled painting an array of birds following the alphabet for the month of January 2015. It was challenging, but rewarding. Maybe next is to make it into an educational childrens book, the illustrating is all done! The original are all for sale on my daily paintworks site, click here or more information.
"An Alphabet of Birds" 26 watercolors by Andy Sewell

"My Fishing Mom"

Friday, January 30, 2015

"Seahawk Attack"

"Seahawk Attack"  Original Watercolor 30" x 22"  $1,800.00 - click here

In January 2015 I took on the challenge to paint a bird a day following alphabet. When the day to paint an "O" bird arrived, I was excited to paint an Osprey. I have always thought these are awesome birds, and really wanted to paint one. The photo below of the bird on the perch is about the only reference photo I had taken to work from.
Osprey on a break from fishing, at Spring Valley Res.

I really wanted to paint the Osprey or also known as the "Seahawk" in action doing his thing. I also thought it would be great to find one catching a trout as I also love to catch trout. One day I was out at Spring Valley Reservoir near Deary, Idaho. I was with my wife Kayaking, fishing, and taking photos. This is when I got the photo of the one above on the branch, I saw him dive and catch fish. It was so neat to see him in action, but my camera could not capture that action.
My honey out fishing with me... so much fun.
Over the years in doing art shows, I have formed some relationships with some awesome photographers. Most of them have shared that they would be willing to give me permission to use their photos as reference for me to do a painting. I normally don't do this so much as I see taking the photos as part of the creative work to make the painting. But some things I want to paint I will probably never get to photograph. This is one of those things, so this month I did take advantage of using some photos from some photographers I have gotten to know. I am a painter and I do not have the kind of equipment needed to take awesome photos like shown below. I give thanks to Rich Steele at for giving me permission to use his images to work from as my reference.
I worked from both of these photos as reference for my painting.
For information about purchasing the original painting Click Here.
Limited editon prints now available.
See below for information about purchasing prints (unframed)
Two sizes of "Seahawk Attack" Prints available. Paper or Canvas Wrap. Limited edition of only 400 total prints made.

Limited edition print size style options (Four Choices)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 29 of my 30 day challenge: Commissioned hollyhock

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Today I did not work on a bird painting as I have so many commissions stacking up, that they needed some attention. So I am working on a series of 3 tall flowers for a gal. The first is a hollyhock. So here it is in progress. I had painted a similar painting previously in watercolor, but this one is bigger with more detail.

 Yes I do commissions, to see more examples of some I have done, check here, on my website (
Hollyhock HIghlights in oil: 17x36

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Z" is for Zebra Finch

Here is my last of the bird paintings following the alphabet. It is not quite done, just posted in time to enter onto the 30 day challenge site. So here it is.
"Z" is for Zebra Finch: 8x12 - $295 Transparent watercolor
For information on purchasing this painting, visit my Daily Paintworks Gallery Here.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 7: "G" is for Goose" or "A Family Swim"

"A Family Swim" 12x16 watercolor $550.00
My wife and I were out kayaking last summer, and we came across this fine family of Geese. I got some neat shots and a video of them. (see the video below). I worked from the video to capture this image to paint. The listed price is unframed, email me to see the framed example. For purchasing details, visit my Daily Paintworks Gallery

Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 5: "E" is for Eagle

"E is for Eagle" or "Fish Fear Him" 14x21 watercolor - $1,200.00
I find it so amazing to watch raptors hunt. This summer I was out fishing in my Kayak and I had such a great time watching a pair of Ospreys fishing. I had to take advanage of my "E" Painting day to paint another Eagle on the Hunt. Here he is. Alternate title "Fish Fear Him" Email me if interested in the framed option. For purchase info, Click Here.

24 Step Demo, Start to Finish!
Click Here for a larger Demo view That can be zoomed in on.

Day 4: "D" is for Duck (Pintail)

"D" is for Duck - Pintail  14x21 inches watercolor - $950.00
I think these ducks are so neat looking. I finally got to paint one!
Note the 9 step demo of how it was painted step by step. For purchase info, see my page at Daily Paintworks.
(Reference Photo credit goes to John S. Redkoles

Prints are available as well. 21x14 - $125.00 11x15 - $55.00. Email if interested

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 3: C is for Chickadee

"C is for Chickadee" 7.5x11 transparent watercolor - $295.00
I grew up hearing these little guys with their cool little sound. I remember seeing them most in the winter time. for info about purchasing this original watercolor, click here and visit my daily paintworks page. 
Here is a link to the cool sounds these little guys make.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A painting a day in January: B is for Bluebird

B is for Bluebird: 7.5x11 watercolor - $295.00
Growing up in Idaho, I remember seeing these birds most often when I was out hunting for grouse or rabbits in the sagebrush deserts of southern Idaho. I think Idaho did okay when they picked this littler feller as their state bird!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

31 paintings in January 2015: A bird every day - A is for American Avocet

A is for Avocet - watercolor 7x10 - $295.00
I first saw these birds when I was camping in Idaho's awesome sawtooth mountains. I was kayaking around at Stanley lake early one morning, when a whole flock of these awesome birds came out of nowhere and would land, prance around a bit, then take off. I got many great shots of them and have been waiting for a reason to paint one. Well here it is. See more photos below. unframed painting is $295.00. Email if interested in the framed option for $395.00. I will be painting every day in January following the alphabet. All the paintings will be birds, corresponding to the alphabet. Keep a look out. for purchase information, click here and visit my daily paintworks page.