Friday, November 14, 2014

Patience on the Joe

"Patience on the Joe" watercolor 12.5x3.5 - $95.0
 A little watercolor of a fishing friend on the St. Joe River in Idaho. It was a great day with the beauty all around, and the weather was pleasant, but the fish outsmarted us that day. Send me a photo of you or a friend fly-fishing, Maybe I will make you into a work of art! See the demo Here below as well. Price listed is unframed, Email me if interested in seeing and purchasing this work framed or a print (print price - $29.00). Click Here to purchase via Paypal

Here is a step by step demo of the progression of how this little work came to be. After the drawing, I pretty much worked from dark to light, saving the whites. No masking fluid on this one, quick loose strokes wherever I could. Colors were mainly Azo yellow, sap green, paynes gray and ultramarine blue. a bit of cad yellow, and winsor green, and whatever brown was dried up in my pallette, probably burnt umber.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Road-Trip Ready

"Roadtrip Ready" - Watercolor, 11x7 - $295.00 unframed, $395 framed  (SOLD)
When I was in my 20's, I dreamed of getting one of these, and taking a road-trip across the USA. To get a good firsthand look at America, and meet the hard working folks. I think it would be so fun. I would take my honey, fly-rod, painting supplies, Bible, guitar, and camera. Maybe I'll still do it. God knows.
Unframed - $295.00. Framed $395.00. Email me if your interested in the framed option. SOLD, prints available, and the mugs are too cool.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Get your Trophy Catch Painted

"My Trophy Chinook" 8x12 oil on canvas - commission
Sometimes fisherman want to save the memory of a big catch, but can't always get it stuffed. The next best option is to just save the memory in a photo (even a bad photo) and get it painted. I have done this several times for fisherman, and I can do it for you to. I can paint in an oil or watercolor. figure roughly about $4.00/square inch for the size of painting you want.
Just email me the photo, put down a deposit, and I will create for you a lasting memory of your trophy catch! See other examples on the blog below.
"Colors of the River" 30" wide watercolor - sold (Release Example)

Example of photo used for above painting.
My Son helped add a few spots!
My Fish, My Sons Hand! - 11x14 Watercolor
Prints are available of any of the fish paintings

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tulips a Bloomin'

"Tulips a Bloom" watercolor 7"x11" $295.00
The Tulips in the Skagit Valley  are Blooming. If you have never been there and seen the tulips a bloomin' you need to make a trip there and see the incredible beauty that they are!

Framed or Unframed Watercolor

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Capturing Alaska

"Alaska's Mountains and Meadows" Watercolor 30x18, Prints Available
This is a painting of a view of Alaska I photographed  from a trip I was blessed to get to take with my son Last Summer (2013) It was great. I was hosted by my old college roomie. It was a great time seeing all of God's beauty and catching and eating Salmon. I hope to go again someday. See below some of the photos of the trip, and a map of where we were when we captured this view of some of Alaska's Mountains and Meadows. I may make some prints of this image, email or message me if interested. The original is for Martin and Robin. Below is the Map of where we were. See the green locator.
"A" Marks the spot about where we were for the painted view.
some other photos of the spot and our trip...
This is one of the photos I worked from.
Fireweed all over Alaksa

My son Josh with a nice catch!

Me with the fish I broke my flyrod on.

Another view we saw on the road home. I may need to paint!
Thanks for reading about my Alaska trip!

Monday, February 17, 2014

"Sawtooth Fall Reflections"

"Sawtooth Fall Reflections" 44"x22" Oil on Canvas, Original Sold
This is a painting of the wonderful Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley Idaho. I was down there in Ocober of 2013, and the fall colors with some snow starting to show were awesome, here is the resulting painting.
Ltd. Ed. (400) Giclée Prints available (Canvas or Paper) 
Custom Sizes also available up to size of original
------------ Gallery Wrapped Giclée Canvas ------------ 
Original size - 44"x22"  inch  -  $485.00   |    Large - 38"x19"  inch  -  $395.00
     Medium - 22"x11"  inch  -  $185.00   |    Small - 8"x16"  inch  -  $95.00

Sawtooth Fall Refl. Canvas Print Options
------------ Fine Art Giclée paper prints ------------ 
Original size - 44"x22" inch  -  $325.00   |    Large - 38"x19"  inch  -  $255.00
      Medium - 22"x11"  inch  -  $95.00   |    Small - 8"x16"  inch  -  $45.00

Fine Art Paper Print Prices

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gifts for Valentine's Day!

Give a gift to your Valentine!

Fill a mug with chocolate, or buy them a print!

Gifts for your Valentine; Mug, $14.50, art prints starting at $29.00
Click below for order options:
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Orders can be picked up at Andy's Studio
or at the Dahmen Artisan Barn (Click for Directions)

Print (6x12) & Mug Special - $39.00
Mug with Words (Love is Patient..., Love is Kind...) - $14.50
Mug without Words - $14.50
Art Print 6x12 - $29.00
Art Print 8x19 - 59.00

Art Print/Mug Options