Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Palouse Red and Green" - Demo

"Palouse Red and Green" (North Idaho) Oil on Canvas 48x34 - $4,500

This is a place just north of where I live in North Idaho. (go north of Potlatch, take deep creek road head north than take a road heading west. drive until you get up kind of high, and you will see some neat views south. ) The barn needed a cupola, so I painted one on it. Otherwise the painting is pretty  much as the land lies. I have been wanting to paint a classic big north Idaho palouse shot with red barn and the green hills for some time. So finally here it is. Email me if interested in the original painting, and I may make some prints as well if there is interest in this.

Here are some of the steps taken to create the big Palouse Red and Green Painting.
My son Josh helped get started on this painting. He painted the sky, and the mountain bkgd. When he helps me paint, we sign the paintings A&J Sewell.