Friday, January 30, 2015

"Seahawk Attack"

"Seahawk Attack"  Original Watercolor 30" x 22"  $1,800.00 - click here

In January 2015 I took on the challenge to paint a bird a day following alphabet. When the day to paint an "O" bird arrived, I was excited to paint an Osprey. I have always thought these are awesome birds, and really wanted to paint one. The photo below of the bird on the perch is about the only reference photo I had taken to work from.
Osprey on a break from fishing, at Spring Valley Res.

I really wanted to paint the Osprey or also known as the "Seahawk" in action doing his thing. I also thought it would be great to find one catching a trout as I also love to catch trout. One day I was out at Spring Valley Reservoir near Deary, Idaho. I was with my wife Kayaking, fishing, and taking photos. This is when I got the photo of the one above on the branch, I saw him dive and catch fish. It was so neat to see him in action, but my camera could not capture that action.
My honey out fishing with me... so much fun.
Over the years in doing art shows, I have formed some relationships with some awesome photographers. Most of them have shared that they would be willing to give me permission to use their photos as reference for me to do a painting. I normally don't do this so much as I see taking the photos as part of the creative work to make the painting. But some things I want to paint I will probably never get to photograph. This is one of those things, so this month I did take advantage of using some photos from some photographers I have gotten to know. I am a painter and I do not have the kind of equipment needed to take awesome photos like shown below. I give thanks to Rich Steele at for giving me permission to use his images to work from as my reference.
I worked from both of these photos as reference for my painting.
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 29 of my 30 day challenge: Commissioned hollyhock

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Today I did not work on a bird painting as I have so many commissions stacking up, that they needed some attention. So I am working on a series of 3 tall flowers for a gal. The first is a hollyhock. So here it is in progress. I had painted a similar painting previously in watercolor, but this one is bigger with more detail.

 Yes I do commissions, to see more examples of some I have done, check here, on my website (
Hollyhock HIghlights in oil: 17x36

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Z" is for Zebra Finch

Here is my last of the bird paintings following the alphabet. It is not quite done, just posted in time to enter onto the 30 day challenge site. So here it is.
"Z" is for Zebra Finch: 8x12 - $295 Transparent watercolor
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