Friday, March 29, 2013


"Sunrise Scrimmage" Watercolor - 34"x16" prints avail.
 I have to say one of my great joys is to watch my sons play ice hockey. It is such a cool sport. Probably one of the COOLest sports on the planet I think ;). I have taken many photos over the years watching my sons play, and now have done a few paintings of them each playing. The above image was taken when I used to help with assistant coaching, and the boys would have to get up and on the rink about 6 am. The rink we had was open at one end where the sun would shine through in the morning and make for some neat shadows and imagery. My older son Will is on the far left. I have prints available of the image up to as wide as the original image 16"x34" contact me for custom sizes or see below.
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"Face-Off good form" watercolor 11x15" prints available. 
My son Josh (below)  will be a senior in high school next year, it will be his last year of hockey in high school. I will sure miss watching him play. Above is a painting I did from I photo I had taken of him playing center (his favorite position). It was such a joy to paint it for him, and give it to him for christmas, I framed it using his old hockey sticks to make the frame. I have prints available 11"x15" fine art paper giclee, ($55.00) or on gallery wrapped canvas 11x15 ($125).
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Josh with his Christmas gift painting, framed in his old hockey sticks!

When my son Will played hockey, he liked playing defense. One time I was taking photos at a game at our rink in Moscow, Idaho, and I caught a photo of Will scoring his first goal ever from the blue line  (below). It was very exciting and worthy of a painting. I have prints of this available in 11x15. Let me know if your interested.
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"First Goal" 11x15 Watercolor, prints available

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Sweet Onions"

" Sweet Onion" watercolor 7x10 - $195
I really like cooking with onions.
I am thinking of doing a series of "art for the kitchen" 
I figured it may be a series of things we cook with!

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