Saturday, March 16, 2013

"My Neighbors Bull"

"My Neighbors Bull!"  watercolor  -  5"x5"  $95.00
A few years back I was driving around looking for things to paint. I came a cross a homestead a few miles down the road from me that raised Texas Longhorns. At the time they had six large bulls. It was an experience to stand on the other side of the wimpy looking wire fence from these six giant Longhorn Bulls. I have come back may times to take pictures of them and I have now got a few of my own. Here is a little painting I did of one of the bulls.

Daisy Trio

"Daisy Trio" - 7"x10" watercolor
Daisies are one of my wifes favorite flowers. I always enjoy how their white petals contrast so well against the green stems and the shadows of dark blue and green. This original has sold, for available prints click here to purchase at my etsy store.

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Ready for Fishin'" 8"x10" - $195

"Ready for Fishin' " watercolor  8x10"  $195.00
I really enjoy fishing. I usually like to fly-fish, and my favorite is wading streams and creeks. A few years ago, I was at an art show in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We stopped at a lake on the way home, and as I walked around taking reference photos, I found this old boat secured to the weathered dock. I really liked the colors, reflections, and the idea of going out fishing from this old boat. I've always wanted to paint this simple boat, so finally here it is. I also gave you here on my blog, a bit of a free demo of how I painted this work. I will have a video available of it soon.
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