Thursday, March 6, 2014

Capturing Alaska

"Alaska's Mountains and Meadows" Watercolor 30x18, Prints Available
This is a painting of a view of Alaska I photographed  from a trip I was blessed to get to take with my son Last Summer (2013) It was great. I was hosted by my old college roomie. It was a great time seeing all of God's beauty and catching and eating Salmon. I hope to go again someday. See below some of the photos of the trip, and a map of where we were when we captured this view of some of Alaska's Mountains and Meadows. I may make some prints of this image, email or message me if interested. The original is for Martin and Robin. Below is the Map of where we were. See the green locator.
"A" Marks the spot about where we were for the painted view.
some other photos of the spot and our trip...
This is one of the photos I worked from.
Fireweed all over Alaksa

My son Josh with a nice catch!

Me with the fish I broke my flyrod on.

Another view we saw on the road home. I may need to paint!
Thanks for reading about my Alaska trip!