Friday, May 3, 2013

"Serious Pasture Ornament"

"Serious Pasture Ornament", watercolor, 10x11", price $295
I have this thing for big bulls. They command respect. I think they are so cool. I found this pasture full of them near McCall, Idaho. I was told the rancher raises them for rodeos. I liked the evening light, and the barn in the distance. Click on my daily paintworks site to purchase.
Here is another cool photo I shot of a cow that I may paint sometime.
I will have to paint his horn to match maybe.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Crazy 'bout a Mercury"

The Old Mercury, watercolor, 7.5"x11", price $265.00

Spent the weekend at an "art in the park" in Lewiston, Idaho. They also have a car show there. I so enjoy walking around and seeing all the old classic and muscle cars.  I especially enjoy the cars of the early 1960s, I do want to own one someday and one with the very cool round tail lights like this and maybe a hint of some fins. I think I am kind of a Ford and Mercury guy, they all look so cool. I saw a 1963 Ford Fairlane, it was very cool! I am also very fond of the 1960 Chevy Impalas  or the Pontiac Catalina... Such Cool Cars. I found this old pink Mercury out on an old farm near colfax awhile back. I finally had to paint it. See the step by step demo on my facebook page  Click Here for the Demo. for purchasing info on this piece see my daily paintworks page here