Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 7: "G" is for Goose" or "A Family Swim"

"A Family Swim" 12x16 watercolor $550.00
My wife and I were out kayaking last summer, and we came across this fine family of Geese. I got some neat shots and a video of them. (see the video below). I worked from the video to capture this image to paint. The listed price is unframed, email me to see the framed example. For purchasing details, visit my Daily Paintworks Gallery

Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 5: "E" is for Eagle

"E is for Eagle" or "Fish Fear Him" 14x21 watercolor - $1,200.00
I find it so amazing to watch raptors hunt. This summer I was out fishing in my Kayak and I had such a great time watching a pair of Ospreys fishing. I had to take advanage of my "E" Painting day to paint another Eagle on the Hunt. Here he is. Alternate title "Fish Fear Him" Email me if interested in the framed option. For purchase info, Click Here.

24 Step Demo, Start to Finish!
Click Here for a larger Demo view That can be zoomed in on.

Day 4: "D" is for Duck (Pintail)

"D" is for Duck - Pintail  14x21 inches watercolor - $950.00
I think these ducks are so neat looking. I finally got to paint one!
Note the 9 step demo of how it was painted step by step. For purchase info, see my page at Daily Paintworks.
(Reference Photo credit goes to John S. Redkoles

Prints are available as well. 21x14 - $125.00 11x15 - $55.00. Email if interested