Friday, November 14, 2014

Patience on the Joe

"Patience on the Joe" watercolor 12.5x3.5 - $95.0
 A little watercolor of a fishing friend on the St. Joe River in Idaho. It was a great day with the beauty all around, and the weather was pleasant, but the fish outsmarted us that day. Send me a photo of you or a friend fly-fishing, Maybe I will make you into a work of art! See the demo Here below as well. Price listed is unframed, Email me if interested in seeing and purchasing this work framed or a print (print price - $29.00). Click Here to purchase via Paypal

Here is a step by step demo of the progression of how this little work came to be. After the drawing, I pretty much worked from dark to light, saving the whites. No masking fluid on this one, quick loose strokes wherever I could. Colors were mainly Azo yellow, sap green, paynes gray and ultramarine blue. a bit of cad yellow, and winsor green, and whatever brown was dried up in my pallette, probably burnt umber.