Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Palouse Red and Green" - Demo

"Palouse Red and Green" (North Idaho) Oil on Canvas 48x34 - $4,500

This is a place just north of where I live in North Idaho. (go north of Potlatch, take deep creek road head north than take a road heading west. drive until you get up kind of high, and you will see some neat views south. ) The barn needed a cupola, so I painted one on it. Otherwise the painting is pretty  much as the land lies. I have been wanting to paint a classic big north Idaho palouse shot with red barn and the green hills for some time. So finally here it is. Email me if interested in the original painting, and I may make some prints as well if there is interest in this.

Here are some of the steps taken to create the big Palouse Red and Green Painting.
My son Josh helped get started on this painting. He painted the sky, and the mountain bkgd. When he helps me paint, we sign the paintings A&J Sewell.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

30 artists created 30 works of art in 30 days for $30.00

I was busy late in October and November painting a painting a day. On average I ended up doing about 50 paintings total. Here is a shot of what I ended up submitting to the show.  Some of these paintings will sell for quite a deal. The event is in Moscow Idaho on Dec. 6th from 4-7 pm. Click here for more inf and details.  Check it out if you in the area. Some of the pieces that did not make it in to the show can be found on my daily paintworks page.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Doggie Demo"

I recently finished a couple commissions of Dog Portraits. I went and took a few photos of my friends fine pooches, selected a few photos she liked and went at it....
Below are the finished works, and then see the step by step below,

If you are interested in a pet portrait, see more examples of my pet and other commissions on my website Click Here.

"pooch in the yard" Watercolor, 7x10 sold.

"other pooch in the yard" Watercolor, 7x10 sold.
See the Demo below...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Palouse Plein Air Event - First Place Award

Garden Studebaker (Plein Air) oil on panel, 11x14 sold.
Listening to and obeying the still small voice, rewards us. For several years, I have been having an inner prompting telling me to expand into oil painting. There has been resistance to do this. but since January 2013, I finally decided to listen and obey. I hit it hard this year to learn to oil paint and stretch myself into practicing and learning plein air. Tonight I was blessed and honored to have my painting above chosen first place in the week long palouse plein air event. Thank God for the still small voice he speaks. See the progression of how the piece was created below!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"River Grizzly"

"River Grizzly" 30x40 inches, oil on canvas $3,500.00
My son and I recently went to Alaska. We took and lot of photos of things to paint. You will be seeing more of Alaska in paintings to come. this was referenced from a photo by a gal we met in alaska. I also have 30x40 Giclee Prints available for $650.00

"Sunset on the Lake"

"Sunset on the Lake" - Original oil, 19x38  $1,950.00
Canvas wrapped Giclee Reproductions available $385.00
I don't live to far from Lake Coeur d' Alene in Idaho. I have always wanted to capture this beautiful lake in the sunset. Here it finally Is. Click Here for more information about the original, and contact me to order a print.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

"October Reflections"

"October Reflections"
Oil on Canvas Gallery wrapped, painted edges - 48x38 in

This is a painting I painted for me, if it sells, I will paint another similar. I just love fishing rivers in the fall when the leaves turn yellow. It is so beautiful that time of year.
"October Reflections" Oil on canvs, size: 38x48, price $4,500

Friday, July 19, 2013

Metal gate designed and produced!

Here is our latest gate, and a little video showing how the cool latch works!
let me know if you  would like to order a gate like this.
Metal Art Fisherman Gate - 38"x54" Mild Steel, Price - $895.00
I also attached a little video, showing how the nifty latch works. I Hope it loads. See below.

Monday, June 17, 2013

"Doggie Paintings"

I recently had a gal commission a few paintings of her little doggie. I took several reference photos, and painted 3 of them, and framed them up to match the wood and decor in her home. Let me know If I can paint a pet for you.
"Doggie in lap" watercolor - 7x10

"Doggie Portrait" - watercolor - 7x10

"Doggie on a bench" - watercolor 11x15

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"King of the Mountain" (or actually compost pile)

King of the Mountain, watercolor, prints available)
One of my neighbors here in North Idaho, (who has an awesome blog) took a neat photo of her rooster, I liked it soo much, and it was such an awesome looking rooster, I had to paint him. Thanks to her blog, I already sold the original, but 7x10 prints (perfect for an 11x14 frame) are available now on Etsy, Click here for more infor about the prints.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Spouting Off"

"Spouting Off" oil on canvas board 8"x10", price $245.00
Really the main reason I have a rooster is because they are cool looking, and maybe if he does his job, he could do half of what it takes to make baby chicks. I think it would be really cool to have one of my 6 hens decide to hatch some eggs. The first rooster we had given to us was very beautiful but also very large, loud, and mean (see below). This guy (above) was given to us (I am amazed, well not really, how many people would love to give away their rooster) we do like that his crow is quiet enough that it does not wake us up at 4 in the morning. He is actually smaller than all our hens, so I don't think he can even do what roosters really want to do. He is getting mean, and attacks me alot, and he gets kicked whenever he comes and tries to get me. I wish I could get a hold of a big beautiful, quiet and sweet rooster, if that were possible. See my paintworks gallery for info on purchasing the painting.
"Feathers in the Wind" 10x11" watercolor, NFS yet.
 I also included just for fun, a little clip of my little rooster doing a little crowing, it is from this video clip that I took the reference to paint from. check it out!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Classic 63 Ford Fairlane

1963 Ford Fairlane, 11x15 watercolor $495.00

 I dream of owning one of these classic old 63 Fords some day. I love the fact that it still has some fins, but not too big, it also has just plain lots of style. I found this one at a small car show in Lewistion Idaho in April. I snapped a few photos, (see below) and decided I had to paint it. also note  a bit of the painting in progress below. If you or your honey has a classic car, commission me to paint it for you. Just email me a photo to work from, and tell me how big you want it, and how soon, and I can email you a cost estimate. Cheers!

Friday, May 3, 2013

"Serious Pasture Ornament"

"Serious Pasture Ornament", watercolor, 10x11", price $295
I have this thing for big bulls. They command respect. I think they are so cool. I found this pasture full of them near McCall, Idaho. I was told the rancher raises them for rodeos. I liked the evening light, and the barn in the distance. Click on my daily paintworks site to purchase.
Here is another cool photo I shot of a cow that I may paint sometime.
I will have to paint his horn to match maybe.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Crazy 'bout a Mercury"

The Old Mercury, watercolor, 7.5"x11", price $265.00

Spent the weekend at an "art in the park" in Lewiston, Idaho. They also have a car show there. I so enjoy walking around and seeing all the old classic and muscle cars.  I especially enjoy the cars of the early 1960s, I do want to own one someday and one with the very cool round tail lights like this and maybe a hint of some fins. I think I am kind of a Ford and Mercury guy, they all look so cool. I saw a 1963 Ford Fairlane, it was very cool! I am also very fond of the 1960 Chevy Impalas  or the Pontiac Catalina... Such Cool Cars. I found this old pink Mercury out on an old farm near colfax awhile back. I finally had to paint it. See the step by step demo on my facebook page  Click Here for the Demo. for purchasing info on this piece see my daily paintworks page here

Friday, April 26, 2013

"Five Window Chevy"

"Red 5-window Chevy" Watercolor, 7"x10", Price $245.00

I was out for a country drive with my wife the other day. We had to deliver my broken table saw motor to a shop in Troy Idaho. I am always on the look out for things to paint. we came across this old 5 window chevy truck, and I stopped to snap a few quick shots. One of them I decided to paint. I painted it today while I sat in m booth at an art show in Lewiston Idaho. They have the dogwood festival this time of April every Year. If you are in the area, stop by. There is some pretty neat art there. See the photo below that I worked from. The original truck photo was kind of a funky orange color. I thought a more red color would work better in the painting contrasting better with the grass and green trees. for purchasing info of the original painting, click here to visit my daily paintworks gallery. to buy a print of this image, click to visit my etsy store.