Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DAY 9: I is for Iris

DAY 9 PAINTING: Oil on canvas 11x14

“I” is for Iris .... 

 •  Original for sale, $395.00, call to purchase
 •  Limited prints available upon request.
 •  Gicleé on paper:  14.5” wide -  $55.00
 •  Other sizes and Canvas Gicleé available, contact me to order

I had a 6 hour emergency distraction away from painting today. so I tried to paint this Iris quickly. Sometimes having to paint quickly turns out well, not this time. I toned the whole thing green, and painting purple and white over wet green didn’t work to well. I also thought I would try using only one big Brush well that didn’t work. So I wonder why I am even posting this.
I guess maybe it is because “I” can also mean, “I” feel like “I” failed on this one. I guess this also says, I am still better at watercolor than Oils. Cheers.....

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