Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DAY 30: "Aspen Light"

Day 30 Painting:  Oil on canvas 12”x22”

“Aspen Light”

•  Original for sale, $850.00, call to purchase
 •  Limited prints available upon request.
 •  Gicleé on paper: 22” tall, $85.00
 •  Canvas Gicleé, contact me to order

Aspen trees in the fall are beautiful. They are a beautiful that I would not mind seeing more of than a week in October. Last fall I went out about 3 or 4 days on a hunt for yellow and orange aspen trees, I found some. I so enjoyed capturing the morning and evening sun in aspen trees. I used up alot of pixels (thank God pixels are free) and took many pictures, literally hundreds of photos of aspen trees to catch the light, the trunks and the beauty of this cool tree that God made. So I had to squeeze one more painting in of these wonderful trees. I keep trying to plant them on my property, but between the moose that eat them, and my lack of watering skills, they seem to not do to well on my property. so now I can see one year-round in a painting ;)   Cheers!

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