Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DAY 10: Fun in the Snow!

DAY 10 PAINTING: Oil on Canvas 20”x30”

“J” is for “January Snow Journeys” 

•  Original not for sale
 •  Limited prints available upon request.
 •  Gicleé on paper:  15” wide -  $55.00
 •  Other sizes and Canvas Gicleé available, contact me to order

This is the biggest oil Painting I have attempted. I am happier with this one. It does help to have more time than I had yesterday. I also painted on white canvas with a drawing of the image. I left the canvas white as white. I did not use white paint on the white. It is my 2 boys. I have always liked this image as a photo and thought I would like to paint it. It will probably be one I keep to remind me what a blessing my boys are, and how much I love them... cheers !

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