Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DAY 3: Coyote on the Move!

DAY 3 PAINTING: oil on panel 6”x13”

“C” is for “Coyote” 

 •  Original for sale, 6x13 - $185.00, call to purchase
 •  Limited prints available upon request.
 •  Gicleé on paper:  10” wide -  $24.00
 •  Other sizes and Canvas Gicleé available, contact me to order

This and my proximity to the highway is why I have to keep getting more cats. I used to have 17 cats, now about a year later, I am down to only 5 left, I think I will be paintiing some of my favorite cats soon.
I experimented with my palette knife, and making lots of texture. something I cannot do in watercolor. I toned most of the painting in a lime green color. question, is it okay to leave the gesso white as your white, or should you paint white oil paint over it?

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