Saturday, January 19, 2013

DAY 18: "R" is for "Remembering Candace"

"Sharing the last cookie"

Day 18 PAINTING: Oil on canvas 8x10

"R" is for "Remembering Candace"

I have some beautiful photos I have taken of my rooster. I am excited to paint them. I was looking forward to today so I could paint "R" for Rooster, as I am painting following the alphabet this month. However Plans changed recently when some long time family friends unexpectedly lost their beautiful 21 year old daughter. Today was the funeral, it was beautiful, now she is in a better place with Jesus. I was inspired to take an old photo I had taken of my son with Candace when they were little kids and paint it to give to the family. So here is a painting dedicated to "Remembering Candace".

8x10 prints available

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